MARCH favourites: top five

I love reading other people’s monthly summaries or ‘favourites’ – it can be a great way to catch up on posts I might have missed or to get an at-a-glance look into their current routine. So I thought I’d start doing my own variation – a top five from the month just gone. Hopefully it’ll also help me to see what I actually use the most. It’s amazing how a shiny thing sitting on your bathroom shelves feels like it’s part of your routine even if you never seem to pick it up…

So March.

  1. Bodhi’s Desert Rose Rejuvenating Facial Oil* (£38 for 15ml): I’ve used this EVERY day this month without fail. The bottle is opaque so I can’t see how much is left and I’ve started anxiously shaking it and holding it up to the light in a vain attempt to see how much longer I can eke it out. I really do think it’s transformed my skin. Used in nightly combination with my Antipodes Avocado Pear Night Cream, it’s made my face more even-toned, calmer and so much softer. When it’s finally used up, I’m sure there’ll be tears. Although I have a lovely Trevarno Organic Revitalising Facial Oil waiting for me in the bathroom cabinet to soften the blow… [I wonder what it feels like to genuinely run out of something. I can’t remember the last time I experienced that in my beauty cabinet ;-)]
  2. St Grape Exotic Soaking Bath Salts* (£15 for 500g): At the beginning of the month, I broke my toe getting into the shower (yes such a thing is possible – I didn’t lift my leg high enough and thwacked my foot hard enough against the side of the bath to bring me down in a crumpled, wailing heap in the bottom of the tub – painful and also mortifying). Since then, after graduating from Emu boots to ACTUAL shoes and from zombie-shuffle to proper person walking, I’ve been a bit sensitive and careful of my poor feet. I’ve still only used these salts in the bath once, but I LOVE using them in a pampering foot spa.
  3. Liz Earle Orange Flower Body Wash (£12 for 200ml): Hello springtime scents. This is an old favourite that I realised I’d not written about before. I have a review all prepped that includes lots of other lovely shower fragrances for the new season.
  4. Lyonsleaf healing Calendula Cream* (£14.95 for 120ml): I keep putting this on me, it’s like a compulsion. I’ve used it on my feet after foot spas, persistent dry and irritated skin patches on my arms, chest and back, and occasionally my hands for an overnight soother complete with cotton gloves. Brilliantly, it seems to go on and on too – I reckon there’s still nearly two thirds of the jar left.
  5. Intelligent Nutrients Destress Express Soap, £10 for three: I’m breaking every blogging rule here by mentioning a limited edition product that is no longer available. And I’m planning to post a separate review of it too, just in case it comes back. But this soap trio is just too good not to bang on about. Completely non-drying and with the most heavenly smell, my only criticism is that they’re quickly used up (by soap standards, that is). For various reasons, this has been a stressful month and this smell makes my shoulders drop about six inches.


*PR sample – all opinions are my own.


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4 thoughts on “MARCH favourites: top five

    • Shower gels are probably my biggest weakness. It’s the easiest (and often cheapest) way to embrace the new season. I’m really glad they haven’t phased out the old Liz Earle body washes in favour of the new line too because it doesn’t seem to be getting a terribly good write-up. I had the chance to smell them when I was at Selfridges in London recently and they’re quite strong in comparison – it’s easy to tip over into artificial with really heavy scents. Hope you like the Orange Flower wash if you do check it out. Fx

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