Inspirational “Blue”: Ibiza

Perhaps not what you were expecting, right?

I might not be the original club kid (my idea of clubbing is more grungy music, a bit of 70s disco and lots of naff dancing) but there’s a lot more to Ibiza than Sant Antoni (San Antonio).

The Man With The Camera and I just spent a long weekend there in search of some sunshine and a bit of luxury, courtesy of our very beautiful hotel (more on which later). And I feel like we stumbled on a secret gem. With our hire car we could get everywhere inside of an hour and more often than not, when we pitched up at the various coves, beaches and hills that we visited we were either completely alone or sharing the space with just a handful of others. It might not be as warm as some might like in April – try 18-21 degrees with the odd slightly chilly breeze – but the skies were azure blue, the sea was crystal clear and the sun has clearly been taking his holidays in the Balearics recently. Plenty of it to go round and the little bit of rain we got was polite and stuck to late evening or overnight only.


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5 thoughts on “Inspirational “Blue”: Ibiza

  1. It’s so beautiful it almost looks unreal… Apart from the sky, I’m more captivated by the water. Clear blue skies are a common sight here in Singapore but bright (actual) aquamarine shore waters like that… I wish!

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